Rebel badge book

In October 2021, Charly launched Rebel Badge Book – a book of 52 Merit Badges specifically designed for adults.  The book was inspired by Charly’s experiences as a Girl Guide and Venture Scout in the ninetines and naughties, and by the result the lockdowns had on taking us back to more traditional hobbies and crafts at home.  The book is designed to help readers reclaim their youth and make the most of their spare time.

The 52 badges in Rebel Badge Book cover Wellness, the Outdoors, Creativity, Self Awareness, Adult Life Skills and being a better Global Citizen.  There are actual fabric patches to accompany each badge, which Charly sells at the Rebel Badge Store and Charly has grown a community of over 3000 enthusiastic ‘Rebels’ in the Rebel Badge Club Facebook group.  The Club completes additional monthly and quarterly challenges, arranges local and regional meet ups, and there will be a Rebel Summer Camp in the UK in 2023.

Volume Two of the Badge Book will be published in November 2022.